Fieldpiece ACH4 - 400 Amp Clamp Accessory Head

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Fieldpiece ACH4

The ACH4 converts AAC to mVAC at a ratio of 1AAC/1mVAC. To display AC amps directly on a DMM, set the meter to mVAC and read the digital display directly. The decimal will be in the correct place on the display so there’s no need to move the decimal in your head. The ACH4 snaps onto any Fieldpiece stick-style meter, including the stick meter, DL2 data logger, and electronic handle. Use the AHDL1 accessory handle or ADLS2 deluxe silicone leads to connect to any other DMM with industry standard jacks.


  • Convenient AC current measurement.
  • Slide onto “stick” meter
  • Use AHDL1 optional handle for remote testing with most meters
  • Read AC amps directly with meter set to mVAC.
  • No battery required.