Fieldpiece ADMN2 - Dual-Port Manometer Accessory

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Fieldpiece ADMN2

The ADMN2 is a dual port differential manometer accessory head. Great resolution allows you to measure gas pressure between -60inWC and 60inWC as well as static pressure. Measures P1, P2, or P1-P2. The ADMN2 also has two different pressure scales: inWC (inches of water column) and mBar. Measure static pressure with the resolution of 0.01inWC or 0.01mBar.


  • Q 2 selectable pressure scales: inWC, mBar
  • ZERO button calibrates to ambient pressure.
  • High resolution: 0.01inWC.
  • Auto-off to save battery, can be disabled for data logging
  • Measure P1, P2, or P1-P2.
  • Works with Fieldpiece stick meters, data logger, electronic handle, and most DMMs.