Fieldpiece JL3KR4 - HVACR Charge Kit

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Fieldpiece JL3KR4

Quickly Check System Charge Connect two pressure probes and two pipe temperature clamps to immediately see system charge on your Job Link® app. Easily determine if unit is running properly, or if troubleshooting is needed. All measurements can be sent up to 350’ away directly your mobile device. Each tool is designed for agility and speed. The pressure probe fits into tight spaces. The pipe clamp uses a new Rapid Rail™ sensor design to deliver accuracy, speed, and agility, even on the most awkward pipe configurations. Do more with Job Link probes!


  • Up to 350’ wireless signal
  • Powerful enough to go through most walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Stabilizes in under 5 seconds
  • Beeper and LED indicate accurate connection
  • Narrow jaw connects in tight spaces and on irregular pipe shapes
  • 45° angled fitting easily connects in tight spaces