Fieldpiece LT17A - Classic Style Digital Multimeter w/Temp, MFD, Microamps, Frequency

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Fieldpiece LT17A

The LT17A is the classic style meter the boss calls the biggest Bang for the Buck. He's got a point. This manual ranger covers most of the parameters and ranges you need for most HVAC/R applications. The LT17A meter measures current, resistance, voltage, capacitance, frequency, continuity, and temperature. Test leads store in the meter body and, with the probe tips removed, connect the LT17A to Fieldpiece accessory heads. The body is made out of durable ABS plastic and comes with a bright blue backlight for poorly lit test areas. Get great accuracy using the included k-type thermocouple and an easily accessible temperature calibration pot. Connect one accessory head to your leads and another accessory head to your wireless transmitter. Just move the dial back and forth to view each measurement. Pull out the tilt stand to store your probes. Hang your LT17AW and ET2W on a condenser or evaporator panel while you watch your readings hands-free


  • Amp clamp included for 400AAC measurement at 0.1AAC resolution.
  • 0.1 ohms resolution for motor windings.
  • Auto off to extend battery life.
  • Continuity beeper.
  • Two-pocket slim case
  • Motor start/run to 2,000 MFD.