Fieldpiece SC620 - Loaded Clamp Multimeter with Swivel Head

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Fieldpiece SC620

Type K thermocouples slide directly into the meter, no adapter needed. Cal pot is easy to access for quick field calibration.Rotate the clamp 180° to see the display easier. The clamp’s claw grabs the wire you want to measure. Use non-contact voltage to check if the wire is hot or not. Test voltage safer with one hand by using the probe holder on the side of the clamp. Test voltage hands-free using the magnetic hanger.


  • Non contact voltage LED and beeper
  • Easy temperature calibration.
  • Diode test
  • Read up to 400AAC.
  • NIST traceable.
  • Magnetic Hanger
  • Included: SC620 Clamp Meter, ATB1 Thermocouple, ADLS2 Silicone Leads, ASA2 Gator Clip Leads, and ANC7 Padded Case