Fieldpiece SC660 - Wireless Swivel Clamp

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Fieldpiece SC660

The SC660 Uses non-contact voltage to check if the wire is hot or not. The probe holder on the clamp is used to test voltage more safely with one hand. Test voltage hands-free using the magnetic hanger. Rotate the clamp 180° to see the display easier. The clamp’s claw grabs the wire you want to measure. Send measurements to the Job LinkTM Mobile App via JL2 transmitter. Or view measurements from other compatible tools (ET2W, EH4W, SC57, LT17AW, SC460, SC660) across the jobsite LIVE.View two thermocouple inputs at the same time, or check delta T across the evaporator. Select T1 & T2, T1 & T1-T2, or T2 & T1-T2.


  • High voltage LED and beeper warning.
  • Non contact voltage LED and beeper.
  • Continuity LED and beeper.
  • 400A AC/DC
  • 0.01A AC/DC.