Fieldpiece SDP2 - Dual in-Duct Psychomotor

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Fieldpiece SDP2

The two probes each simultaneously measure temperature and RH%. One goes before the evaporator (RETURN) and one goes after the evaporator (SUPPLY). These four measurements can be displayed or used in calculations to display the actual temperature split (delta T), the target temperature split, the actual evaporator exit temperature, or the target evaporator exit temperature (TEET), plus the difference between the actual and target. Enthalpy (BTU/LBM) and Dew Point can also be displayed. The TEET takes into consideration the latent heat used to condense water from the air, while a simple 20° temperature split ignores latent heat. TEET, developed by Fieldpiece, is better. Plus, it’s just easier in the field to aim for a single value (TEET) than a difference between two changing values.


  • Wireless testing with models HG3 or SMAN4.
  • 38” probes with ruled marks to know how deep it is.
  • Rugged rubber boot
  • Each cable spans more than 5 feet to reach spots more than 10 feet apart.
  • Metric or English units.
  • Auto-Power-Off (APO) to extend battery life.
  • Calculates how the indoor unit should be performing based on the indoor heat load and shows you how the unit is actually performing.
  • View enthalpy change across the evaporator in real-time. Wirelessly send 4 indoor temperatures to the HVAC Guide® System Analyzer for full system diagnostics.