Fieldpiece SIG1 - Gun-Style IR Thermometer (-22F to 1022F)

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Fieldpiece SIG1

Among our most popular IR thermometers the SIG1 Gun-Styke Thermometer features a 10:1 field of view. A bright blue backlight and laser guide make taking fast and accurate temperature readings easier, better and faster. The SIG1 comes with a protective lens cap and body wrap. It works faster than thermistor-based temperature instruments and has a range of -22-Degree F to 1022-Degree F. Includes Auto-Power Off to conserve battery life.


  • Shoot an indoor wall for indoor ambient temperature.
  • Auto-check Diode, MFD, Ohms, or continuity.
  • Use for heating and A/C diagnosis when quick measurements are desired.
  • Displays temperature on backlit LCD
  • 9 Hour typical Battery life. Uses 9V batteries (One included).
  • Auto-off after 10 seconds without use.