Fieldpiece SM380V - SMAN manifolds, black

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Fieldpiece SM380V

Knowledge, power and experience are packed into the newly designed SMAN™ Refrigerant Manifolds. Years of feedback from A/C and refrigeration specialists is combined with Fieldpiece’s laser focus on continuous improvement to bring you the toughest, most advanced digital refrigerant manifold on the market. From the extremely rugged overmold casing, reinforced hook, and hermetically sealed sight glass, to the wireless capabilities, data logging, and tightness test, the SM380V 3 port manifold is built so you can do your job easier, faster and better.The SM380V is designed to work the way you do with advanced features like data logging, system tightness test, direct connection to the Job Link App, and user customization.


  • Adjust auto power off duration
  • Check for leaks after repairs or installations
  • Stores up to 9 jobs internally
  • Logs up to 7 days (168 continuous hours) - Screen shuts down after three hours to save battery life - Program intervals between 1 sec and 2 min
  • Displays % free storage space before logging begins
  • Temperature/pressure compensated to avoid false positives