Fieldpiece ST4 - Dual Temperature Meter, -58 to 2000F(-50 to 1300C)

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Fieldpiece ST4

The rubber boot surrounding the ST4 protects the thermometer from regular drops and collisions.You can use pipe clamps, wet bulb thermocouples, hi-temp thermocouples or any K-type Fieldpiece thermocouples with the ST4.The wrap-tab on the included thermocouples eliminate all the hassle and wasted time spent untangling thermocouple wires.Use the magnetic hanger attached to the back of the case to view the display at desired height.


  • LED indicates when a probe is disengaged
  • No adapter to lose.
  • “Wrap-tab” for thermocouple storage.
  • MIN/MAX and HOLD.
  • Take readings of T1, T2, or T1-T2.