Fieldpiece SVG3 - Digital Vacuum Gauge with Alarm

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Fieldpiece SVG3

All the right stuff, your SVG3 Vacuum Gauge was designed for the HVACR technician. The case is built tough and rubberized for field use. Use the Easy View hook and backlight to see the display even in dark, low visability situations. Leaks in system testing usually come from the connections. Lowering the number of connections lowers the chances of having a leak. The SVG3 has a Schrader depressor so you can connect it directly to your valve core removal tool and reduce the number of connections. Using a core removal tool also allows you to get a vacuum measurement as close to the system as possible, giving you a truer measurement of the vacuum level in the system. It is the right way to do it and Fieldpiece makes it easy.


  • Hangs at an easy-to-view angle.
  • Range: 9,999 down to 0 microns.
  • Resolution: 1 micron of mercury
  • Bottom line displays rate (microns/minute) to help determine system tightness.
  • Bright backlight flashes and stopwatch starts when alarm triggers.
  • Loud high and low settable alarms with stopwatch.