3M E-A-R Metal Detectable Earplugs

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UltraFit, metal detectable, corded, Econopack

Test compatible with 3M E-A-Rfit Validation System. ¥ UltraFit include stainless steel ball positioned in stem with metal detectable cord. Feature pre-molded, triple-flanged design and require no roll-down or sizing. Comfortable, effective, washable and reusable. Available with metal detectable Econopack cord. ¥ Express Pod Plugs feature easy insertion, paddle-style grips for correct fitting and no roll-down. Packaged in pillow packs. ¥ Push-Ins feature no roll-down design and flexible stem for improved hygiene. Ready-to-use, reusable plugs form an effective seal against noise. ¥ Classic Plus have metal detectable cord and plug; dermatologically safe foam for comfortable seal and highest NRR available. ¥ Yellow Neons include stainless steel ball encapsulated into foam of the earplug with metal detectable cord. Roll-down required.


  • Earplug Types:Corded
  • Hearing & Communication Types:Earplugs
  • NRR:21-25
  • NRR:25