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STABILA 37832 - 58" and 32" Spirit Plate Level Set

STABILA 37832 Model 196 Spirit Level Set The STABILA 37832 Model 196 remodeler set enhances the control of your work space with two material hand holds on each level. The...

STABILA 29024, 29048, or 29072 - Spirit Plate Level

STABILA 290 Series Type 80 A-2 Spirit Level The STABILA Type 80 A-2 Level is designed for accuracy with the top read position as 1/32in over 72 in reading with...

STABILA 37416, 37424, 37448, 37472, or 37496 - Spirit Plate Level

STABILA 374 Series Model 196 Spirit Level The STABILA 374 Model 196 series includes a strong box beam aluminum profile with reinforced ribs. The removable shock absorbing end caps apply an...

STABILA 38532 - 78" and 32" Magnetic Jamber Spirit Plate Level Set

STABILA 37532 Type 96 M Jamber Spirit Level Set The STABILA 37532 Type 196 Jamber Level set enhances the control of your work space with two material hand holds on each...

STABILA 29441 or 29459 - Extendable Spirit Plate Level

STABILA 294 Series 80T Extension Spirit Plate Level The STABILA 294 Series Type 80T spirit level allows your level size to be as flexible as your job. As you extend...

STABILA 39018 or 39032 - Tech 700 DA Electronic Angle Finder Measuring Tool

STABILA Digital Angle Finder The STABILA multifunctional tool can be used as an angle finder, a miter gauge, and a classic level. The digital display lights up and can display...

TAJIMA CR301JF - Chalk-Rite Jam Free Snap Line Chalk Box

TAJIMA Chalk Rite Chalk Box The Tajima Chalk box has a smooth winding 5 gear snap line with a gasket sealed die-cast aluminum case. The braided line is extra bold...

TAJIMA CR401S - Chalk-Rite Dura Snap Line Chalk Box

TAJIMA CR401S Chalk Box The Tajima chalk box is extra heavy duty with an integrated release handle, braided nylon line, and matching felt applicator. A wide fill neck offers easy...

STABILA 02180 - LA 180 Layout Station Laser Level

STABILA 02180 LA 180 L Laser The STABILA LA 180 features auto alignment that enables the REC 410 receiver to automatically control the alignment up to 120 degrees. The laser includes self leveling with a design that provides...

STABILA 34610 or 34712 - Type 106 TM Magnetic Extendable Plate Level

STABILA Magnetic Extendable Type 106 TM Spirit Level The STABILA Type 106 TM Level is designed with a telescopic system and rare earth magnets for strong adhesion to metal objects and promotes hands free...

STABILA 29224, 29248 or 29272 - Magnetic Spirit Plate Level

STABILA Magnetic Plate Levels The STABILA Type 80 A-2 M brings a rare earth magnetic feature to your level for extra strong adhesion to metal objects and hands free work. The...

STABILA 35610 or 35712 - Extendable Spirit Plate Level w/ Removable Standoffs

STABILA 35610 35712 - Type 106T Plate Level The STABILA Type 106T Level has an aluminum design with a strong reinforced frame. The design features two material hand grips for optimum control and...

STABILA 36524, or 36548 - Electronic Spirit Plate Level w/ Carry Case

STABILA 365 Series Type 196 Spirit Level with Carrying case The STABILA 365 Series Model 196 enhances the accuracy of your work by setting angles precisely and quickly. The STABILA...

TAJIMA G-16BW - Standard Scale Measuring Tape 16'

TAJIMA G-16BW Measuring Tape The Tajima G-16BW original armored tape measures with the thick elastomer cover that protects the tape casing and end hook and provides a comfortable, sure grip....

STABILA 07498 - BST-S Construction Tripod 39" - 63"

STABILA 07498 - Industrial Tripod The STABILA BST-K-M features an aluminum construction spike legs for stability. The tripod also features a rapid locking mechanism for quick aligning. A carrying pouch  is included. The threading is...
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