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TAJIMA TBYD-180 - Combination Drywall Rasp 7"

TAJIMA Sheetrock Tool The Tajima drywall rasp has three distinct grinding sections, grinds in both directions for fast and efficient drywall edge shaping tasks. The Rasp has a in handle...

TAJIMA LCB-65-20 - 1 Inch Utility Knives and Blades, 20 Pack

TAJIMA LCB-65-20 Utility Blades The Tajima utility blades are used for general purpose scoring and cutting. The blades are great for working with drywall, wood, and other thick material. Each...

TAJIMA JPR-SET - 16 TPI & 19 TPI - Japanese Flush Stroke Saw Set with Carry Case

TAJIMA Hand Saws JPR-SET The Tajima Saw set includes a 4-pc. precision pull-stroke saw set with an elastomer-wrapped straight handle, quick release 16 TPI and 19 TPI blades, and a...

TAJIMA LC-650 - 7 Point Box Cutter Utility knife 1"

TAJIMA LC-650 Utility Knife The Tajima 1" Rock Hard Utility Knife with dial lock has a thick elastomer grip with premium grade 1" steel blade for long lasting durability and...

KLEVER KUTTER - Safety Box Cutters - 100 PACK

KLEVER KUTTER Safety Box Cutters The Klever Kutter safety box cutter features a recessed blade that reduces cut injuries and damaged goods. The blade cuts boxes, film, tape, and thousands of more...
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