Kimtech Prep Wipers w/ Hydroknit Material

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Kimtech Prep* Wipers w/ Hydroknit* Material - One Roll

Open bucket of chemicals with textile rags are hazardous and unsanitary. Use the Kimtech prep* wipers to create a safer, more efficient surface sanitizing system. Designed to be compatible with quat disinfectants, sanitizers and bleach. Maintain target disinfectant concentration and provide more uniform application than cotton rags and microfiber cloths. Simply add chemicals to the Wettask* wipers in a bucket with secure lid. Wipers dispense one at a time, and because it is an enclosed system, it helps avoid cross contamination of the wipers and cleaning solution while reducing exposure to vapors and splash. Buckets can be prepared ahead of time and are very easy to transport.


  • Cleaning & Janitorial Types:Wipes/Shop Towels/Cloths
  • Color:White
  • Sizes:12" x 12 1/2"
  • One roll contains 60 sheets, one case contains 6 rolls and 1 bucket