LIFT DAX - Full Brim Hard Hats, HDF-15NG, HDF-15WG, or HDF-15KG

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LIFT DAX Safety Hard Hats

Lift brings only the highest quality of safety to the industry with a 6 point suspension system for superior comfort and impact protection. The profile features synthetic leather comfort dome and a ratcheting fitment dial to easily adjust to any individual even while wearing gloves. The design also brings a moisture-wicking foam backed microfiber liner that reduces sweat build-up and a molded EVA foam insert for shock absorbing protection to the top of head.


  • Fiber reinforced resin shell
  • Brim grip, exclusive design provides a secure feel
  • Perforated Clarino synthetic leather comfort dome
  • Shock absorbing protection
  • Adjust size, and easy to grip with gloves on.
  • Meets ANSI Z89.1-2014 requirements for Type 1, Class C.
  • Reduces sweat build-up
  • Point suspension system for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Triple reinforced crown for superior impact protection
  • Suspension size range 6.5 - 8 (52 - 64cm)