STABILA 04490 - FLS 90 Solid Floor Laser Line Guide

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STABILA 04490 Type FLS90 50’ Square Laser Kit

The STABILA 04490 Type FLS90 Laser enhances the control of your work space with sharp laser lines with good visibility up to 50 feet. Use the STABILA laser guidance system to check the squareness of walls at a glance or a quick layout positioning for floor work. A quick button and the laser will provide a perfect 90-degree angle. The design allows for positioning on flat surfaces or corner of tiles.


  • 90 Degree laser
  • 50 feet visibility
  • Dual purpose design
  • Solid laser line
  • Fast Layout Markup
  • 9 in H x 7 in W x 5 in D
  • Batteries Included
  • STABILA Cat. # 04490