STABILA 03185 - LAX 300 G Cross Line Plus Plumb Point Laser

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STABILA 01385 LAX 300 G laser

The STABILA LAX 300 G features Greenbeam technology that provides sharp bright laser lines up to 30 Meters. The laser includes self leveling with a design that provides 1 horizontal, 1 vertical line and plumb line dots that go upward and downward. The battery operation time is up to 15 hours. The housing displays a magnetic feature to adhere to metal objects with a shock absorbing and impact resistant casing. The laser can pivot 360 degrees in its housing. Belt pouch Included.


  • Greenbeam technology - 30 Meter visibility
  • Self Leveling
  • Energy Saver diodes provide 15 hours of operation
  • Laser 360 degree housing pivot
  • Magnetic
  • Shock absorbing and impact resistant casing
  • 9 in H x 7 in W x 4 In D
  • Batteries Included
  • Belt Pouch Included!
  • STABILA Cat # 03185