Rolair AIRKEG2 - Heavy Duty 10 Gallon On the Go Lightweight Portable High Performance Steel Auxiliary Air Storage Tank

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Rolair AIRKEG2

The AIRKEGPLUS by ROLAIR® works with your existing pneumatic set-up to increase reserve air and minimize frictional loss over extended distances. Featuring a 90° check valve inlet and four 1/4" Universal Couplers, the user can install the AIRKEGPLUS downline from their air compressor to maximize performance or fill it up and take it on the go as a portable air storage tank. The 10 gallon, 225 PSI auxiliary tank meets the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.


  • 10 gallon storage capacity
  • Offers portable air supply with lightweight design and ergonomic carry handle
  • Includes 90 degree check valve inlet that allows air flow in only 1 direction, ball valve drain, and safety relief valve that shut off tank to prevent upset build-up
  • Features 4 3/8-inch NPT ports that connect to your compressor