STABILA 05500 TR - LAR 200 Rotation Laser Level

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STABILA 05500 LAR 200 Laser

The STABILA LAR 200 includes a fully automatic motor driven rotation laser for horizontal applications. The laser has a large work area with the REC 300 receiver it can produce up to 1800 feet in diameter. STABILA includes 600 rpm speed and a plumb function. The protection system keeps the level protected when its dropped even from the tripod, up to 6 feet. This level can operate from 10 degrees celcius (14 F) to 60 degrees celcius (140 F). Water proof and dust proof Class IP 65.

The STABILA REC 300 receiver is for rotation lasers with red diodes.The receiver has acoustic and visual guidance with a double sided digital display that shows a read out of exact distance from grade in imperial or metric. This receiver can attach to grade rods, is dust and water proof, and can withstand up to 10 feet drops.

LAR 200 rotating laser, DeTech elevation defined receiver, Receiver bracket Hi/Lo Elevation Rod, Heavy duty tripod,  Instructions, and Hard-shell carrying case all Included.


  • Fully Automatic
  • 1800' work diameter
  • Drop Protected
  • Water and Dust Proof
  • 39" Fixed head Tripod
  • Protection certification IP 65
  • 120 hour battery life
  • Requires 2-AA batteries, 2-D Batteries
  • Receiver included
  • Batteries Included
  • Case Included!
  • STABILA Cat # 05500