STABILA 37832 - 58" and 32" Spirit Plate Level Set

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STABILA 37832 Model 196 Spirit Level Set

The STABILA 37832 Model 196 remodeler set enhances the control of your work space with two material hand holds on each level. The STABILA set includes a strong box beam aluminum profile with reinforced ribs. The removable shock absorbing end caps apply an anti-slip feature for a firm and secure grip marking walls while protecting the frame when dropped. The plate levels are easy to clean and embraces two precision measuring surfaces suitable for measuring in normal or upside-down positions.


  • Reinforced Ribs
  • Includes one 58" Level and one 32" Level
  • Anti Slip/Shock absorbing removable end caps
  • Two precision milled measuring surfaces
  • 1 x Horizontal and 2 Vertical bubble vials
  • Vials are anti Leak, break and fog
  • Accuracy reads 1/32" @ 72" top and bottom
  • STABILA Cat. # 37832