STABILA 48380 - Magnetic Spirit Level Set w/ Carry Case

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STABILA 48380 Type 96M Magnetic Spirit and Torpedo Level Set

The STABILA 38648 Model 96M brings a rare earth magnetic feature to your level for extra strong adhesion to metal objects. This feature makes hands free operations have guaranteed accuracy. The STABILA high quality level includes a strong box beam aluminum profile with reinforced ribs. The removable shock absorbing end caps apply an anti-slip feature for a firm and secure grip marking walls while protecting the frame when dropped. The plate level includes dual material hand grip for a more controllable environment and a large metal hang hole to allow the level to be stored off the floor.

The STABILA 25100 Type 81SM die cast torpedo level design features an aluminum body and rare earth magnetic system with extra strong holding power for hands free work. The torpedo vials are aligned with the measuring surface then locked into position. The 10 inch compact design makes tight working conditions, traveling and storage easy.


  • Reinforced Ribs
  • Anti Slip/Impact resistant removable end caps
  • Dual material hand grips
  • 96M Rare earth magnetic level
  • Vials are anti Leak, break and fog
  • Includes: 48"/24" Type 96M Magnetic Levels. 10" Torpedo Level.
  • Accuracy reads 0.029 degrees: 1/32in over 72in: 0.5mm
  • Carrying Case Included!
  • STABILA Cat. # 38624 (24" Inch), 38648 (48" Inch) and 25100 (10" Inch)